Ship repair

Operating since 2010, we received the experience allows us to optimize and introduce modern technologies in the process of repair work to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time.

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The main production capacities of the Shipyard

1. Floating dock (big size):

Length (working deck with a crinoline) - 210,0 m
Breadth (between the inner walls of tower) - 36,0 m
Draught (maximum) - 13,5 m
Dock cranes (2 pc) - 20tn/15m; 5tn/30m; 3tn/40m

Maximum parameters of vessels for docking:

  • length - about 210,0 m
  • breadth - about 32,0 m
  • draught - about 7,0 m
  • weight of the vessel - about 12 000 tn

2. Floating dock (small size):

Length (working deck with a crinoline) - 104,8 m
Breadth (between the inner walls of tower) - 23,0 m
Draught (maximum) - 12,2 m
Dock cranes (2 pc) - 5tn/29m

Maximum parameters of vessels for docking:

  • length - about 100,0 m
  • breadth - about 21,0 m
  • draught - about 6,5 m
  • weight of the vessel - about 4 500 tn

3. Ocean tug (big size):

Gross tonnage - 186,0 tn
L x B x H - 25,5x7,8x2,9 m
Engine power - 2 х 691 kW

4. Ocean tug (small size):

Gross tonnage - 80,0 tn
L x B x H - 18,5x5,9x2,0 м
Engine power - 2 х 336 kW

5. Hoisting facilities:

Self-propelled crawler crane (Liebherr LR1300 ) - h/c up to 300 tn
Truck cranes - h/c to 50 tn

6. Plants for hull cleaning under high pressure 2500-3000 bar - 4 pc

7. Plants for hull sand blasting to standard SA 2,5.

8. Painting – modern equipment made by such well known manufacturers, as “WIWA” and “GRACO” is used.

9. Hull production - plasma and gas plants for cutting of plates, modern welding equipment "KEMPPI" and "MIGATRONIC", assembly and welding benches, equipment for bending of rolled sheets and steel shapes is used.

10. Pipeline production - available equipment ensures the manufacturing and installation of steel, non-ferrous and plastic pipes of different sizes and pipe bending up to Ø150mm.

11. Mechanical and assembly production - available equipment ensures the fulfillment of mechanical and assembly works of the required range, machining of parts to Ø1000mm, machining of shafting to Ø600mm length of up to 8m, balancing of rotating parts weighing up to 5tonn. Diesel division of this production ensures diagnostics, repair and installation of diesel engines and compressors of the various modifications.

12. Electrical production - available equipment ensures performance of electrical, adjustment- alignment and repair works on the units, which are under construction and repair, makes rewinding of stators and rotors of electrical machines up to 0.5 MGW.

13. Oxygen area - produces industrial oxygen for industrial purposes, and performs the filling of diving cylinders with air.

14. The factory ensures diving inspection of objects at a depth of 30 m with the issuance of the current visual report.

15. Execution of dock repair is accompanied by the issuance of the relevant documents required for inspection of the fulfilled works by Classification Societies.

16. Shipyard’s Laboratory - accredited and equipped with appropriate equipment capable of supporting a wide range of non-destructive testing inspection.

17. Warehousing and Logistics - the available storage areas of open and closed types are capable to ensure delivery, safety and stocktaking of the products and materials.

18. Recognition of Shipyard by Classification Societies:

  • There is a certificate of compliance of the enterprise (CERTIFICATE OF FIRM CONFORMITY) with the requirements of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping as a company engaged in activities in accordance with the Code 22009000, 22014000, 22014002.
  • There is a certification (ATTESTATION) issued by BUREAU VERITAS for execution of thickness measurements of hull structures of vessels.